O holiest of spirits,

As the wild goose soars,

So do you.

Twisting, turning,

With strength and power.


Beyond control,

You call our names.


We who grow anxious and fearful,

We who succumb too easily to popular norms,

We who fail to lift our heads upward.

We who fall silent too soon, too often.


In the midst,

You come like a raging wind,

Calling us with loud squawks and honks.

May we listen to these uncommon invitations,

And join your spirit ways -

Boldly shouting ‘yes’ to grand, unknown adventures,

Courageously turning where your voice leads,

Transforming systems to bring healing and wholeness,

Radically welcoming all of God’s people,

Speaking truth to power, day after day,

With open hearts, generous in love.


May we be so brave as to follow your wild ways, 

Knowing you will joyfully lead us,

And love us, on the journey.


For all that will be,

We lift our hearts and hands in gratitude,

O wild,

O wonderful

Spirit of God.