O how words can hurt
Like a punch in the gut.
...These will
Not be accepted...
...These will
Not be allowed...
How hard it is
To be knocked down
By their power.

On days like this
And especially nights that follow
We ask O God that you remind us
Of the power of love -
The incredible
Mysterious power
Of unconditional love.

Love that is kind,
True and honorable,
Love that protects,
That trusts,
That hopes,
That lasts longer.
Love that is greater.
Greater than any evil.

Surround all your children this night
With love so powerful,
Love that can heal even these open wounds.
Bring tangible signs to
Remind us all
That we are each your beloved.
That love trumps fear and hate,
That love wins every time.
For love is always greater -
Even when it's hard to imagine,
Love is greater still.

Let it be so this night, O God.
Let it be so into all our tomorrows.