O God,
How can we be here?
We have seen evil,
horrendous evil in our streets.
Yet in the midst
even in this place,
especially in this place,
Your voice calls.
You call us
to be Your people
in this world that You love. 
This world. 
This time. 
This place. 
Oh God, here we need your help to be brave, 
especially when it is easier to turn away. 
Help us instead to pause, 
to see, 
to listen to your voice in the midst.
We know you are here.
Make us bold enough to open clenched fists, 
to dry tears,
to step out and
work tirelessly, 
shouting for justice. 
Your hands.
Your feet.
Working together.
In the midst of hate, dear God,
bring brave love.
Brave love, indeed. 
Lord in your mercy,
Lord in your infinite mercy,
we pray.