O God of work and rest,
On this Labor Day
We ask you to open our eyes
To the invisible community of laborers
That support and sustain us every day.

We pause to consider the simple t-shirt
And all those who worked to bring it into being

Hands that drew and
Imagined its design possibilities

Hands that
Planted cotton
Watered the fields
Baled the cotton
Ginned it
Separated the seeds
Cleaned the cotton
Inspected it
Loaded it
Shipped it

Hands that
Designed the fabrication machines and
Maintained them so that they could
Spin the fibers
Knit the threads
Weave the fabric
Wash and dye it

Hands that held tools to
Cut the fabric
Stitch the fabric
Finish the shirt and
Stitch the label

Hands that
Drove transport trucks
On highways and winding roads

Hands that
Designed store displays
Rung up sales and
Bagged purchases

Hands that carried shirts home
Folded and washed them
So that we may be clothed.

On this day,
May we share our collective gratitude
For the work of these many hands.

May we work to ensure just labor systems
That invite balanced work and rest
Fair pay
For all.

May this be a day of joy,
Of rest and rejuvenation
Of heartfelt gratitude
For the loving labors of all your people.


Labor Day.JPG