O revealing God, 
Day after day
You open our eyes
To your presence in our midst.
For you are where we are.
You are here.

You are
A kindness whispered
A breath-taking beauty glimpsed
A smell triggering forgotten memories
A soft fabric to warm us
A delicious bite that brings pause.

Remind us this week
That though you are everywhere
You are not distant.
You are here.
Though you are forever
You are not later.
You are now.
Though you are in all
You are not out of reach.
You are in us.

With you,
All that we have
Is all that we need.
The gifts we encounter are enough.
Enough here.
Enough now.
Enough to change the world.


Today’s quick sketch captures a daily sight out of my urban living room window. I like to imagine the angel atop the temple not reminding the people of a holy event yet to come, but to remind all of us that here in this place, in this city, under this bit of the sky, that today, we have gifts aplenty. And if, we open ourselves to recognize them, and are generous enough to share them, our collective gifts can indeed change the world.